Sunday, 10-11 am, Tom Druckenmiller feature songs related to maritime life and work including Lou Killen, Waterson–Carthy, Dan Milner, Steeleye Span, and more.
Thursday at 11 pm, Bill Fox continues the month-long focus on Klangwelt. The Featured CD at Midnight will be "XOIO" on Spheric Music. New music by Aperus on Geophonic Records.

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Market Commentary on Your Financial Choices

This week, Laurie Siebert welcomes Timothy G. Roof, CFP ® , Vice President and Connor Darrell, Head of Investments, from Valley National Financial Advisors to discuss: “Market Commentary.” Laurie also takes listener questions during the program. (Original air-date: 7/11/2018)

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The photographs are stunning: a giant mountain of ice towers over a tiny village, with colorful homes reminiscent of little doll houses against the stark, blue-gray landscape.

But for the people living in those houses – that beauty could be life-threatening.

"It's kind of like, if you lived in the suburbs, and you woke up one morning and looked out, and there was a skyscraper next to your house," says David Holland, an oceanographer at New York University who does research in Greenland during the summer months. "I'd be the first to get out of there."

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