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Sarah Troxell of Galen Glen Winery on The Inside Dish

Michael Drabenstott continues his culinary tour of the Lehigh Valley in May with Sarah Troxell, who with her husband, Galen, owns Galen Glen Winery in Andreas, PA, about 15 miles northwest of Allentown. (Original air-date: 5/7/2018)

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No wonder James Clapper always seemed so grouchy.

The longtime spy baron became well-known during his stint as director of national intelligence for his profound scowl and sometimes Zen-like terseness. Now, in his new memoir, Clapper tells why: the tale of how the world — at least from his perspective — fell apart.

In Facts and Fears: Hard Truths From A Life In Intelligence, Clapper traces his life and career from what he calls the "halcyon days" of the Cold War, when Washington, D.C., led the international consensus against Communism.

Guest DJ: Stephen Malkmus

41 minutes ago
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